We House Meltsi.
The Starting Point.

We House Meltsi - what’s that?

Strange things are happening at the world’s northernmost metro station. The starting point of the entire universe has suddenly appeared – the locals call it the We House.

Meltsi is a community house for 0-12 year olds and their families from Mellunmäki, Rajakylä, Länsimäki and Vesala.

At Meltsi you are able to discover a number of fascinating places such as the Creativity Cave, Wonder Box and the Rumble Room. And, of course, a climbing wall and a bathroom that is entirely pink!

Contact us: meltsi@metalo.fi


Meltsi Travel Guide

At Meltsi, we offer different programmes. We call those programmes expeditions. There you can get excited, uncover your strengths and discover new worlds. Because that’s what real expeditions are made of.

We have expeditions for children, their parents and the whole family. Check out the Meltsi Travel Guide for the programmes available and come along!

All of the programmes are free of charge and designed by professional Meltsi educators.

At Meltsi kids get to explore and marvel the universe through science, art, sports and technology.

We look forward to seeing you!